Getting that Job is a one-day training course for groups of up to 8 people who have either lost jobs or are finding it difficult to get work. Having or developing the skills that will make you employable is one issue. But a great many people fall down at the first hurdle of targeting the company, submitting an effective CV and handling the job interview well enough to bring out their best qualities.

The course will show you how to focus on what you would like to do, how to get your CV sorted out, target the companies you would like to work for and, above all, prepare you to do well in the job interview. The course is packed with ideas and exercises that will give you enough practice to be able to apply everything immediately.

Course objectives:

  • Decide on your future and plan your strategy
  • Assess your strengths and transferable skills
  • Write an effective CV
  • Get your CV out there
  • Target and reach the organisation you want to work for
  • Clarify your essential message of why you should get the job
  • Bring the right energy into the interview
  • Speak with confidence and authority
  • Use positive body language to create rapport
  • Centre your energy to keep focused and relaxed under pressure
  • Get your message across effectively in the job interview
  • Deal with nerves
  • Strengthen your personal presence
Who will the course benefit?
Anyone who wants to get into work as soon as possible. It will benefit people at all levels and at all ages.

Course content
The morning shows you how to bring out your strengths and determine the future you want. It takes you through the steps that will help get to the companies you want and prepare for an impressive interview.

Focusing your direction

  • Deciding on your interests
  • Assessing your transferable skills
  • Setting goals for the future you want
  • Planning your strategy
Writing your CV
  • Understanding the recruitment process
  • Choosing the right format
  • Organising your information
  • Creating a CV that will stand out in the right way
  • On-line CVs and hard copies
  • Getting your CV out there
Targeting the company
  • Finding the organisation
  • Researching the organisation
  • Getting in
Preparing for the job interview
  • How to focus your story and set your key message
  • How to deal with the questions
  • How to prepare answers to 5 key questions
  • Dressing for success
Practising the interview
  • Role play, practising the job interview
  • How to get the content and message right
  • How to deal with video conference and phone interviews
  • How to deal with panel interviews
The afternoon gives you a tool kit of powerful techniques that will equip you to succeed in the job interview or presentation.

Coming across with impact

  • How to bring the right energy into the room to influence the interview
  • Reading the non-verbal signals that others project
  • How to find a strong, clear focus to give you more control in any situation
  • How to project a natural and effortless authority
  • Looking confident and relaxed under pressure
  • How to find focus when you are speaking
  • How to strengthen your body language
  • How to improve your posture to look more confident
  • How to avoid monotony and strengthen your voice
Putting it all together
  • Testing the techniques in a final exercise
  • Feedback on progress and development
  • Setting an action plan for applying the work
Trainer: Ken Rea
Ken’s unique and highly effective training style makes him a popular choice in companies throughout Britain and the Continent. He has wide experience of training and coaching senior managers from some of Europe’s leading companies. For more information about Ken's exerience and training programmes visit www.kenreatraining.com

What the participants say

"Good news – I have been offered a job. I will be sure to keep your workbook in a safe place for future reference, hopefully won't need it." Paul

"Thank you for sharing your expertise with us yesterday. Your tips and encouragement were very useful. Thanks also for the extra time you spent looking over my CV. Your fresh pair of eyes spotted things I had missed. I have in fact spotted a job I am considering thanks to the quick search we did online yesterday." Cornelia

"I just thought I’d drop a note to say, how I am overwhelmed by yesterday’s course. Well designed and well presented to us very practically. It has opened my eyes. I will do my job hunt with my new tools, which I have got it from the course. It was awesome." Valentine

"I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s course. I really found the session extremely helpful and to also tell you that I Got That Job, thanks to your workshop." Naila

"Ken is a passionate and articulate facilitator. He came to each delegate regularly to encourage their participation. He clearly knows his subject inside out and expressed it in an engaging and encouraging way. Top session." Chris

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