Getting That Job
Koru theatre has recently launched an exciting project, Getting That Job, to help people get into work. This is a one-day training session that helps people determine their strengths and skills, target the organisations or companies they are after, sort out their CV, clarify their message and learn how to project more confidence in the job interview.

The project has been generously supported by the London Development Agency through its Community Grants scheme, which means that in the London Borough of Ealing we have been able to offer this training for free. We were also greatly helped by Action Acton and the ECVS (Ealing Community and Voluntary Service). The response from participants has been very encouraging, with a few people getting a job almost straight away. Click here for more information.

Climate change project
Our main creative efforts are currently focused on developing a production that deals, in an exciting and theatrical way, with the issue of climate change. We have already done several research and development workshops on this theme with some of our core group of actors, including members of the London-based Maori group, Manaia. Our director, Ken also worked with Finn Caldwell at Guildhall on a devised theatre piece about climate change. This involved 25 second year actors and was presented at the School after a five week rehearsal period.

Our immediate aim is to combine all this work in collaboration with a writer and move towards a full production in 2011. The story will revolve around people Ė real and fictitious Ė who are affected by climate change in some way. For example, doctors in African villages donít have enough electricity for their hospitals; islanders in the Pacific will soon find their homes disappearing under the waves; homeowners on the English coast are watching helplessly as erosion eats up their seaside houses; scientists are trying to alert us to do something before it is too late.

Funding is always the challenge, because itís one of the principles of Koru Theatre that we should always pay the actors fairly. Understandably, this slows us down a bit when it comes to getting a show on. But we always get there in the end. If you have any bright ideas, please get in touch with us.

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