Influencing Positively
Influencing Positively is for Upper Sixth Form pupils who want to develop their presence and project confidence as they go for university interviews or enter the job market.

This intensive, two-part course doesn't just tell you what to do; it takes you through practical techniques to develop your influencing skills in all forms of communication.

Designed by Ken Rea, one of Europe's top business trainers, this course is based on research in major companies and it will be tailored to your students' specific needs. Through practical exercises and role play, it will show them how they can have more impact in university interviews, job interviews, phone calls and seminars. It will give them the ability to look someone in the eye and deliver a persuasive message with more confidence, clarity and authority. It will show how to create rapport with other people, and how to improve body language and voice.

Your students will learn how to project a more animated personality, while paring away mannerisms and clutter that get in the way of the message. They will learn how to give impact to their language and how to strengthen their personal presence. There are two sessions and each is two hours long. The course will be delivered either by Ken Rea or by experienced members of his company, specially trained by him.

Ken Rea has trained senior managers from some of Europe's leading companies including: BBC, British Telecom, Dresdner Kleinwort , HSBC, IBM, Lloyds of London, Metropolitan Police, Morgan Stanley, Nationwide, NATO, NatWest, Orange, Thomson Financial, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury's, Sun Alliance, and Vodafone.

Key focus:

  • Increase your personal impact and credibility
  • Maximise your verbal and visual communication skills
  • Speak fluently and confidently, even under stress
  • Get your message over with confidence, clarity and authority
  • Win the ongoing respect of your colleagues
  • Handle aggression, conflict and misunderstandings
  • Build a stronger rapport with friends, colleagues and fellow students
  • Have more credibility when dealing with those in authority
  • Look your audience in the eye with confidence
  • Learn how to deal with nerves
  • Give impact to your language
  • Heighten your personal presence
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