Ken Rea (Artistic director)
Ken Rea is the artistic director of Koru and a senior acting teacher at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama where he has taught the actors Ewan McGregor, Joseph Fiennes, Damian Lewis, Orlando Bloom and Daniel Craig among many others.

He founded Jet Theatre in 1998 , directing its four main productions, The Deceived, Voyagers, Three Servants and To Hell with Love, before re-branding the company as Koru, reflecting his own Pacific background.

Ken began as a professional actor and director in New Zealand, working with some of the country's leading theatres and on television. At the age of 23 he formed his own company there, The Living Theatre Troupe. Travelling abroad, he studied theatre in Java, Bali, Thailand, India, China and Japan. In Europe he has also studied with Jacques Lecoq, Carlo Boso, Philippe Gaulier, Monica Pagneux, Yoshi Oida, Keith Johnstone and Zymunt Molik and these teachers have informed his approach to performance.

In addition to his regular teaching at Guildhall, he has been a movement coach for a number of theatres including The Royal Shakespeare Company. He is also in regular demand internationally and has taught at the national drama academies of China, Indonesia, India, Italy and New Zealand.

Joseph Feinnes (Patron)
Joseph trained at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where Ken taught him. He has played numerous leads with The Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre and theatres in the West End. But he is most well known for his films, which include Shakespeare in Love , The Merchant of Venice, Enemy at the Gates and Goodbye Bafana.

Ben Foster (Composer)
Ben created the music and sound for three of our productions: Voyagers, Three Servants and To Hell with Love.

Ryan Craig (Writer)
Ryan collaborated with us to write the script for two of our plays: Three Servants and To Hell with Love. His other plays include What We Did To Weinstein, and he writes regularly for television.

Core actors
Our core acting company include:

  • Kolade Agboke
  • Matthew Burgess
  • Finn Caldwell
  • Charlie Catrall
  • Luciano Dodero
  • Sarah Goddard
  • Matti Houghton
  • Victoria Moseley
  • Chris Ryman
  • Noel White

with additional collaboration from:

  • Rachel Edwards
  • Michael Burgess
  • Karina Fernandez
  • Nina Fog
  • Christopher Simpson
  • Ofo Uhiara
  • Eliot Giuralarocca
tel 020 8579 1029
email info@korutheatre.com